Antique Restoration

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Antique Restoration

Antique Restoration | Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing - Houston, TX

There is a notion among antique “hobbyists” that restoring or refinishing a genuine antique piece of furniture will greatly reduce the value and desirability of the piece. Antique experts in the field with decades of experience say this is not true, unless the piece is very old and of museum quality. Those pieces should remain in their original state. Professionally executed antique restoration and refinishing usually enhances the value of an antique piece of furniture.

Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing are seasoned master restoration professionals who can enhance the value of your antique furniture. They will revive your keepsake antiques and give them years of new life so you can pass your family heirlooms onto the next generation!

Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing will remove those unsightly milky white rings that you can’t seem to make disappear. They will strip and repair the chipping and flaking finish that looks more like loose fish scales than varnish! They can repair any damage that keeps you from proudly displaying your antique furniture and they can restore your piece to its original beauty. If you live in the Houston, TX area, then Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing is the place to go for all your antique restoration needs!

Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing has thousands of satisfied customers in the Houston, TX community who trust only them with their family heirlooms. Antique restoration is very delicate work and requires in-depth knowledge of how a piece was originally constructed. With 55 years of experience working with antiques from decades to centuries old, you can trust Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing with your most prized antique furniture.

When you want your antique piece preserved with its natural patina and age intact, Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing can discuss options and techniques to prevent further deterioration of the finish. Just ask!

When you need an experienced professional in antique restoration in the Houston, TX area, look no further than Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing.

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