Furniture Restoration

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Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration | Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing - Houston, TX

Furniture restoration can be anything from repairing a ding in a tabletop to recreating and replacing a missing table leg. At Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing, they can do either—and everything in between! No furniture restoration job is too big, too small or too difficult! As a family-owned business in Houston, TX for 47 years, they have restored everything from old roll-top desks to modern wood computer stations. Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing will handle all of the following restoration tasks for you:

• Match and fabricate missing or broken pieces
• Repair or replace damaged or separated veneer
• Patch cracks, dents, and gouges
• Repair or replace intricate wood inlays
• Tighten loose joints
• Cane and rush
• Repair water damaged surfaces
• Wicker furniture stripping, refinishing, and restoration
• Custom color matching of stain and paint
• Burn repair

Furniture restoration can breathe new life into a worn or damaged piece. The restoration process is a delicate blend of refinishing and repair. Furniture restoration is not about making an older piece look new; it’s about making it look the way it should! At Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing, your restored piece will always come out looking the way it should! They can return your piece to its original look or maintain the character it developed from being a part of your family.

A master restoration professional like Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing, serving the Houston, TX community for 47 years, should handle the furniture restoration of the pieces that matter to you most. If your DIY attempt goes awry, they can repair the worst goofs a novice can dish out and salvage your memories! As their slogan states: “We Can Restore Your Furniture and Your Memories!”

For the finest in furniture restoration that will have your special pieces looking the way they should, visit Hillcroft Furniture & Refinishing!

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